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RADIANT PARENTERLAS believes in being a part of the people’s life and to achieve this goal Radiant Parenterlas manufactures the best drug formulation from the best available Raw Materials and keeping a thorough check on the quality.

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The next step for RADIANT PARENTERLAS is going global. Planning to have a global presence means that there must be internationally acceptable quality products that promise consistency in its quality and continuous innovation in the field of manufacturing. Also the volume of production would increase and for this technical soundness is mandatory, because going global would increase the volume of production many folds.

Radiant Parenterlas has all the plan to collaborate with multinational companies in Russia, South Africa, Canada etc. This would be a major milestone for Radiant Parenterlas because this would help Radiant Parenterlas to establish itself in international market. With collaboration, Radiant Parenterlas would get a better technical exposure being used in other countries whereby enhancing its capacities in India too. This would also assist Radiant Parenterlas in manufacturing and introducing latest molecules in India.

Company cater to domestic market as well as international markets.

Company has been doing export in following countries:-

Nigeria, Angola, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal and many more.

Our  valuable clients are:

Intas, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Alkem Laboratories, Bharat Serum, Centurion, Mapra Laboratories Ltd.,  R. Key Enterprises, Savorite Pharmaceuticals, and many more.